Chan Kim's piano plays

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    Beethoven, Piano Sonata No.8 Mov.1 (2013.1.6)

    (the piano wasn't untuned then..)

  • Chopin, "Fantasie Impromptu"(2013.2.3)

  • Beethoven, Piano Sonata No.14(Moonlight) Mov.3 (2014.4.6)

  • Mendelsshon, Spring Song (from 'Songs without Words') (2015.10.17)

  • Elgar, Salute D'Amour (2017.1.8)

  • Choping, Waltz(Valse op.64-2)(2017.1.28)

  • Recorded on a Summer day in 2005..
    (Recorded for only 60 seconds due to recorder program limit,
    I had planned to upgrade later but didn't.)

    Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu"

    Mozart's "Turkish March"

    Chopin's "Mazurka"

    Hendel's "Harmonious Blacksmith Variation 1"

    Chopin's Waltzer

    Musorgski's Pictures at an Exhibition "Promenade"

    Necke's Csikos Post

    Mendelssohn's Wedding March(Hochzeitsmarsch)

    Schubert's Marche Militaire

    Wagner's Wedding march

    Chopin's Mazurka Op.63